Bits of Japanese Knowledge

Reasonable to eat out in Japan?!


Japan is a country with a thriving restaurant industry. The number and types of restaurants vary depending on the size of the town, but franchise stores and other outlets that operate nationwide run from urban to rural areas.

There are restaurants in a variety of genres, including Japanese, western, Chinese, and noodles. It is generally said that the price of lunch is around 1,000 yen, which is cheaper than in other countries. (According to economic newspapers in the United Kingdom, the Big Mac in Japan is unparalleled compared to other developed countries and is reported to be half of the price in Switzerland). Some family restaurants and chain restaurants for ramen noodles (Chinese noodle), udon (Japanese wheat noodle) and gyudon (a bowl of rice topped with beef) etc., are open not only during lunchtime, but also during nighttime at reasonable prices.

To enjoy traditional Japanese cuisines "Washoku" (registered in Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO), which differs from usual home-made dishes, the price range is considerably higher, but it is a good idea to visit an authentic Japanese restaurant.

Generally speaking, Japanese dishes along with Western and Chinese dishes in Japan are suited to the preferences of foreigners, but some local foods are subject to so-called cultural shocks. If your order comes with side dishes such as natto, umeboshi, rakkyo, or raw eggs, please enjoy them with an interest and adventure spirits.