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International symposium on climate change co-hosted by NARO and FFTC held successfully

On 17th-19th October 2022, NARO and the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region (FFTC) jointly hosted the NARO-FFTC International Symposium " Climate Change and Food System - synergies of adaptation and mitigation, and advanced utilization of climate information for sustainable and climate-resilient agriculture" co-sponsored by OECD-CRP in hybrid conference style (on-site venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center), with approximately 655 participants from 18 countries. Dr. HASEGAWA Toshihiro of NARO, Professor Dr. Rachel BEZNER KERR of Cornell University, and Dr. Bjoern Ole SANDER of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) gave key-note lectures in Plenary Session, followed by 29 expert presentations through Sessions 1 and 2. The impacts of climate change on agriculture, forestry, fishery, and food system, and the countermeasures were extensively presented and vigorously discussed from a global point of view, as well as the current status and efforts in the Asia-Pacific countries. In the general discussion at the end of the symposium, the panelists diligently addressed topics such as the fusion of research and production sites (e.g. importance of local counterparts, introduction of cost consciousness, etc.).