Central Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO


Drsirakawa20200402.pngThe Central region Agricultural Center, NARO (CARC/NARO) is one of the regional agricultural research center of NARO as a front line to solve the agricultural problems faced the Kanto, Tokai and Hokuriku areas.

The agricultural importance of the Kanto, Tokai and Hokuriku areas is prominent in Japan. Regional share in the total agricultural output is 35%, 39% in rice, 44% in vegetables, 53% in floriculture and 40% in the total crop farming products. What makes it even more notable is the variety of agricultural practices which can be seen in this area: the suburban agriculture around the metropolitan area, paddy field farming on the Japan Sea side, agriculture in Tokai region making the best out of its temperate climate, and agriculture in the cold upland of Nagano and Gunma prefecture and so forth. On the other hand, this region is facing similar difficulties like any other area of Japan. The number of the agricultural management entities are decreasing due to the aging of farmers and lack of successors, which arises the strong demand for the development of technologies to realize an attractive and labor-saving agriculture with high productivity.

With this background, CARC has been putting continuous effort to comprehend the diverse problems in this region and support the farmers and industry by promoting R&D projects to conquer these obstacles. We are eager to make contribution to further growth of the local agriculture through developing new technologies and cultivars.

Specifically, CARC is striving to promote strategies to solve the problem of aging of farmers and lack of successors through the realization of the super smart society ("society 5.0") in agriculture and food industry which is also the major target of NARO. In particular, introduction of IoT, AI, and robotics to agricultural field, and promotion of R&D in collaboration with other institutes under NARO such as the Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology (RCAIT), while putting emphasis on profitability. In the "Project for Accelerating Installation of Smart Agriculture" since 2019, CARC continues to play important role as a regional secretariat to accelerate promotion of the installation of the advanced technologies in the region while finding solution to the acknowledged problems of the conventional technologies.

Another approach of contributing to local agriculture would be promoting and spreading the technologies and cultivars developed by NARO. With the support of Business Development Department of the NARO Headquarters, Business Promotion Office and the researcher in charge of the project work together to achieve the above target by leading and training local farmers by implementing empirical studies. Moreover, we will continue to communicate R&D achievements of NARO to the society through various events such as "NARO Science Café".

NARO is responsible for making contribution to the stable supply of agricultural products and food which is both essential to the people and the society through its R&D activities. CARC continues to play our role of solving difficulties and problems the local agriculture is facing and supports the agricultural development of the area by working close with various agricultural management entities, government agencies, public research institutes, academic institutions and private sectors.

I appreciate your continuous support to CARC and our activities.



Central Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO