Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO

Site Tour

General Tour (Approximately 2 hours)

The tour includes overall introduction about the IAM/NARO's research and development, testing and evaluation activities with handbooks and videos, on-site tour to the show room, and the historical museum for agricultural machinery.

the Show Room, Historical Museum

* Visitors who wish to have special explanation/guide about certain machines or technologies, please inform us at the time of application.
* Open: Monday to Friday, 9:30 ~ 16:30. Closed on Dec 29 - Jan 3 as well as on Japanese holidays. Also for certain reasons, an application for tour may be rejected.

Brochure Observatory


IAM/NARO collects and exhibits worldwide brochures (including domestic brochures) of agricultural machinery and facilities. Photocopies of brochures are available for service charge. For applications to the 'General Tour' and 'Brochure Observatory', please contact us at +81-48-654-7030.