Institute of Food Research, NARO


Director-General Institute of Food Research, NARO (NFRI) has been reorganized as a research department of NARO in 2016. Since 1934 NFRI provides useful technologies to food industry for the production of a wide variety of safe food, appropriate scientific information on foods to the public, and science-based data to governmental sections for foods, by conducting a broad range of studies on foods from basic to applied aspects.

In these days we focus on the following three research areas under close cooperation among five research divisions.

  • Evaluation and elucidation of three food functions (nutrition, sensory and physiological functions) of agricultural products and foods and development of technologies for their effective utilization
  • Development of technologies to ensure the safety and credibility of agricultural products and foods
  • Development of distribution and processing technologies aiming at maintaining or improving the quality and functionality of agricultural products

Concerning the functionality of foods, so far, a plenty of research has been conducted by focusing on a certain ingredient targeted. However, recently, the development of technology for simultaneous analyses and so on has made it possible to evaluate effects of a combination of plural ingredients and/or a whole food product. Therefore, we are investigating the possibility of a system of comprehensively evaluating the three functions of foods.

In the research area for food safety and credibility of food control, we are involved in development of new analytical methods and scientific investigation in collaboration with various stakeholders including administrative sections such as Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Also, in the research area of distribution and processing, NFRI works together not only with other institutes within NARO, but also with research laboratories of private companies, universities, and public research institutions in cooperation. We continue to provide new useful technologies for distribution and processing in food industrial field through introduction of new principles and concepts, improvement of conventional methods, and systematization of them.

Nowadays, it is necessary to introduce the concepts of SDGs to food researches because the SDGs imply many tasks related to food industry directly or indirectly. We do our best for well-being of humans and growing food industries with researches that will help to supply delicious and safe foods stably, while focusing on realization of the sustainable growth of the world. We cordially ask for your backing and cooperation.

Institute of Food Research, NARO