National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Report of the NARO International Symposium 2021

On November 5, 2021, an International Symposium "Outbreak and control strategy for transboundary animal and zoonotic diseases in Asia" to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the establishment of the National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH), NARO was held online. There were 371 participants, including 305 from Japan (Universities, research institutions, the government, the private sector, etc.) and 66 from overseas (Ireland, Ethiopia, Spain, Italy (FAO), Vietnam, Taiwan, Mongolia, Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, South Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, UK)

Outline of the symposium

National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH), NARO held an international symposium online on the status of outbreaks and countermeasures against internationally important animal infectious diseases and zoonotic diseases in the Asian region, as an opportunity to widely publicize its achievements and future roles to domestic and overseas stakeholders in commemoration of its 100 year anniversary.
During this symposium congratulatory messages was received from the concerned people of various countries. Four lectures and Q & A sessions were held on (1) Insight of CSF outbreak in Japan, (2) Current African Swine Fever Situation & Development of Novel Methods for African Swine Fever virus Research in Vietnam, (3) "HPAI outbreak situation and response during '20/'21 winter season in Korea", and (4) One health approach to reduce the risks by zoonoses. This symposium is a place to exchange information on the current status of transboundary livestock infectious diseases and other current problems in the Asian region, along with the preventive measures taken by each country. In addition, efforts were made to strengthen human exchange networks with experts from Asian countries.
Sharing of information, exchange research in Asian countries, and taking measures in cooperation with neighboring countries are necessary for the transboundary livestock infectious diseases, With regard to zoonotic diseases, it is important to implement countermeasures based on the One Health concept.
In collaboration with domestic and overseas research institutions and universities, NARO will continue to engage in research and development, social implementation of results, and international contributions to address issues surrounding animal health, including transboundary livestock infectious diseases and zoonotic diseases.