National Institute of Animal Health, NARO


On April 2022, I was appointed as the Director of National Institute of Animal Health, NARO.

The NIAH is the only specialized research organization in Japan for animal health. Our institute was established in the Taisho era, since then, we have been researching and supporting the technical aspects on animal health in Japan.

Threats of animal infectious diseases has been more severe than ever before. The outbreaks of classical swine fever and high pathogenic avian influenza caused the largest damage in Japan last few years. African swine fever and Foot and mouth disease in Asian countries still continue to rage. In addition, chronic infectious diseases and production diseases have continued to adversely affect farm economy. Moreover, zoonotic diseases, food-born diseases and antimicrobial resistance bacteria have been emerging as risks to humans. In order to address these issues, we will collaborate with relevant parties, including prefectural livestock hygiene service center, universities, and private companies, to understand the disease situation in the field and their needs. We will work for the improvement and development of diagnostic and preventive methods utilizing such information and advanced technology. In particular, we will actively collaborate with private companies to quickly deliver the developed tools to production sites.

In addition to the research work, we organize training courses and workshops, diagnostic services, produce and provide biological products. Strong cooperative relationship between NIAH and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Animal Quarantine Service, National Veterinary Assay Laboratory (NVAL) and Prefectural livestock hygiene service center which is built through these activities will raise Japan's animal health status to the world's top level.

The NIAH will perform further research work for the animal health and human health. We would appreciate your continued support and cooperation with NARO(NIAH).

April 2022
National Institute of Animal Health, NARO.