National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH)

Topics in Animal Health Research 2010

10. Effects of a carbonaceous absorbent on dioxin accumulation in broiler chicken


 The effects of an activated carbon absorbent ("Food Saver"), which was prepared from woody biomass, on the reduction of dioxin accumulation in broiler chicken was investigated in the present study. No difference was seen in body weight gains among 4 animal groups fed with or without the absorbent mixed feed during the experiment. Likewise, no abnormal histopathological and biochemical findings were observed in tissues or blood plasma between the group treated with absorbent and the control group. Dioxin accumulation in abdominal fat and pectoral muscle was clearly reduced in chickens fed with 0.5% absorbent compared with that in chickens fed without the absorbent. This result indicated that use of a carbonaceous absorbent in feeds is an effective way to reduce dioxin contamination in animal products.
(Safety Research Team)


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