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Real-time display of actual and estimated chilling hours

-Aids forcing cultivation management of fruit trees on smartphone-

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has published "Display system of chilling hours for fruit trees" which can support cultivation management such as deciding the timing for covering and heating of plastic houses of fruit trees in forcing cultivation. This system uses air temperature data information delivered by Agro-Meteorological Grid Square Data, and accurately displays the date when the chilling is satisfied for any location. It can be easily operated via web browser on a smartphone or PC, and anyone can use it for free by registering.


NARO has published a web page "Display system of chilling hours for fruit trees" that calculates and displays the chill accumulation in the open field based on the hourly air temperature information delivered by the Agro-Meteorological Grid Square Data. In this system, (1) By specifying any location and the start date on the webpage, the actual and estimated date until the end of February for satisfying chilling will be calculated for that location, (2) By specifying the prefecture and date, heat map of the chilling hours will be displayed.

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The webpage is available in Japanese only

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