Institute for Plant Protection, NARO


Institute for Plant Protection was newly established on April 1, 2021. In recent years, the risk of new pests and weeds invading from overseas has increased due to climate change and the globalization of people movement. In addition, control technology that meets the standards of the partner country is required to reduce the burden on the environment and producers and to expand the export of agricultural products. In order to solve these problems, our institute is engaged in the development of cross-border pest and high-risk pest control technology and cutting-edge pesticide-free control technology, strengthening export power through environmentally-friendly control technology for fruit trees and tea pests, improving productivity and creating value through data-driven crop pest control technology, development and dissemination of invasion prevention & control technology for foreign weeds and difficult-to-control weeds.
In these research and development, we clarify the exit strategy through cooperation with the national and local government agencies in charge of plant protection, cultivation systematization and variety cultivation fields within NARO, and regional agricultural research centers. In addition, we will promote the social implementation of results by creating standard operating procedure manuals and utilizing the NARO integrated database, WAGRI, etc.