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Irrigation Pond Management App

-Administrator inspects & reports the damage status of irrigation pond-

We have developed a smartphone app "Irrigation Pond Management App" that allows administrators (farmers, etc.) to report about the pond inspection during disasters or daily management. It is possible to reflect reports from pond administrators through this management app in cooperation with the "disaster prevention support system for irrigation pond" developed by NARO and operated by MAFF(the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) for government agencies. By this it possible to easily report and share the damage to the pond due to the disaster and the results of daily management, which is useful for prompt disaster support by the national and local governments.


The "Disaster prevention support system for irrigation pond" published in 2019 is a disaster information system for sharing information on the damage situation such as pond collapse during an earthquake or heavy rain among disaster prevention personnel nationwide. The "Disaster prevention support system for irrigation pond" has been operated by MAFF since April 2020, and is used by local governments for emergency inspections of ponds during disaster. Meanwhile there are hundreds of ponds that should be inspected and reported as per local governments. The inspection can consume much time, and hence faster information gathering was required.

Therefore, this time, we have developed "Irrigation Pond Management App" for smartphones for irrigation pond administrators (farmers who manage irrigation pond, etc.). Using this app, the pond administrator can easily report the damage status of the pond during disaster. The reported damage situation can be easily shared among disaster prevention personnel through the " Disaster prevention support system for irrigation pond ", which is useful for prompt disaster support by the national and local governments.

This app can be downloaded by searching for "Irrigation pond" in the smartphone "App store" and "Google play"(available in Japanese only). Pond administrators can start using the "QR code" distributed by the government officials of prefectures, etc. by scanning it with their smartphone camera.

This app can also be used for daily facility management of the pond. If the deterioration of the pond or the management status (mowing of the embankment, etc.) is reported in the daily management, the management status of the facility will be evaluated, and the result will be displayed on the app. By using the app on a daily basis, it is possible to immediately report inspections even in the event of an emergency disaster.

This app can also be used by local public organizations. By sharing the report from the pond administrator with the national and local governments, it will be possible to manage the pond appropriately in the event of a disaster or daily life.

Image of "Irrigation Pond Management App"

Reference Information

Hori, T., Izumi, A., Shoda, D., Shigeoka, T. and Yoshisako, H. 2019, Development of dizaster support information system for irrigation poinds (DPSIP), Journal of Dizaster Research, vol.14, No.2, 303-314.

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