Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology, NARO


It is my great pleasure to give a few remarks with my appointment as Director-General of the Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology on October 1, 2018.

Agriculture is facing many issues such as the continuous decrease in number of farming households year after year, aging of farmers, and decrease in domestic consumption with the declining population. Hence, immediate reforms have to be implemented in the food chain from breeding to production and consumption.

Under such circumstances, the government is promoting R&D, in accordance with the mid- to long-term plan, to create innovations that will revolutionize the process of agricultural production and distribution from the viewpoint of social implementation, in collaboration with agricultural workers, companies, universities, research institutes etc., towards the realization of a strong agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry.

NARO is committed in pursuing research innovations aimed at providing a stable, safe, and high-quality food and agricultural products, fostering agriculture as a strong industry, and increasing the share of agricultural and food products in the overseas markets, with the major goal of achieving Society 5.0 in the agriculture and food industry.

The Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology aims to strengthen agriculture by creating innovations and applying artificial intelligence (AI) technology to various agricultural tasks. With this goal, AI engineers and agricultural researchers will collaborate to build smart food chains from smart breeding to smart agriculture, smart processing and distribution, and contribute to the realization of Society 5.0.

We appreciate your continuous support and look forward to active cooperation in the future.

Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology (RCAIT/NARO)