Tohoku Agricultural Research Center, NARO

Division of Crop Rotation Research for Lowland Farming

In the Tohoku region, large-scale paddy field management has progressed, and the introduction of direct-seeding cultivation of paddy rice is now in full-scale. On the other hand, crop rotation system of paddy rice suitable for regional conditions and smart production system utilizing ICT have not yet been consistently established. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to improve the productivity and profitability of paddy farming management through the development of a crop rotation system for paddy rice that is low-cost and high profitability. Additionally, efficient farming management through the development of field management technology using ICT and methods for analyzing meteorological, pest and farming data is also required. Contribution to the resumption of farming in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake remains to be an important issue.
The mission of the Division of Crop Rotation Research for Lowland Farming is to establish a highly profitable crop rotation system that is suitable for regional conditions. Specifically, NARO style based direct-seeding technologies for dry and flooded paddy fields, we develop farming management methods based on field management technology and data analysis using ICT, high-yielding, good-tasting rice varieties with high suitability for direct-seeding, and high yielding soybean varieties with high quality. We develop an efficient and stable crop rotation technology system through the introduction of these technologies. At the same time, we promote the social implementation of paddy crop rotation technology that matches local farming conditions through field demonstration and extension activities.


SAKODA Takatoshi

Deputy Manager

SATOH Yurika

Research Group