Central Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO


Division of Crop Production Systems

  • Farming Systems Research Group
  • Weed Management Group
  • Plant Production Group
  • Crop Rotation System Group
  • Agricultural Machinery Group
  • Biomass Utilization Group
  • Crop Rotation System Group for Tokai Region

Division of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

  • Soil Testing Research Group
  • Paddy field soil management Group
  • Soil Biology Group
  • Plant Nutrition Group

Division of Plant Disease Management

  • Ecologically-based Disease Control Group
  • Crop Disease Control Group
  • Horticultural Plant Disease Control Group
  • Pest Risk Analysis Group

Division of Applied Entomology and Zoology

  • Pest Management Group
  • Biological Control Research Group
  • Nematode Management Group
  • Wildlife Damage Management Group
  • Chemical Ecology Group

Division of Lowland Farming

  • Hokuriku Crop Cultivation Group
  • Hokuriku Soil Science Group
  • Hokuriku Farm Work Systems Group
  • Hokuriku Plant Protection Group

Division of Crop Development

  • Rice breeding Group
  • Barley and Soybean Breeding Group
  • Rice Functional and Applied Genomics Group

Division of Livestock Feeding and Management

  • Farm Engineering Group
  • Feed Technology Group
  • Livestock Feeding Group
  • Forage Crop Protection Group
  • Livestock Farm Management Group