National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Division of Transboundary Animal Disease Research

The Division of Transboundary Animal Infectious Diseases consists of two groups: the Exotic Disease Group at the Kodaira Research Center for Overseas Diseases, and the Epidemiology and Arbovirus Group at the Tsukuba and Kagoshima Research Centers. We are working on research issues that utlize the characteristics of infectious diseases spreading widely across national borders.

At the Kodaira Research Center for Overseas Diseases, in colloboration with the overseas research institutes, we utilize the Overseas Disease Special Laboratory Building, a facility for high-level containment of pathogens (BSL3e). At this facility, we develop new diagnostic methods and control technologies based on the characterization of pathogens of internationally important infectious diseases (overseas disease) such as foot-and-mouth disease and African swine fever. Meanwhile at the Tsukuba Research Laboratories, we are conducting epidemiological analyses of important infectious diseases in domestic animals, including overseas diseases. By this, we elucidate the infection risk and transmission & spreading factors. Thereby we continue to carry out our research for improving disease control in the national and prefectural governments. At the Kagoshima Research Center, we are working on the advancement of diagnostic and preventive techniques for arbovirus infections transmitted by blood-sucking arthropods such as Ceratopogonidae and the elucidation of the pathogenic mechanism. In addition, in order to clarify the epidemic dynamics of arboviruses from an entomological point of view, we are also studying the ecology and distribution of Ceratopogonidae and its ability to transmit viruses.


KOKUHO Takehiro

Research Group