National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH)

Topics in Animal Health Research 2007

16. Complete genomic characterization of two novel bovine papillomaviruses, BPV-9 and BPV-10


  Eight bovine papillomavirus (BPV) types, BPV-1 to 8, have been classified, based on genome nucleotide sequence similarities, in the genera Deltapapillomavirus (BPV-1 and -2) , Epsilonpapillomavirus (BPV-5 and -8), Xipapillomavirus (BPV-3, -4 and -6) and an unassigned genus (BPV-7). Two other putatively new BPV types were detected from a recent Japanese outbreak of teat papillomatosis in cattle. Complete genomic DNAs of these BPV types were cloned and sequenced from separate epithelial squamous papilloma lesions in this outbreak. The genomes are 7303 and 7399 bp in length, and both have genetic organization and consensus motifs typical of papillomaviruses. A neighbor-joining phylogenetic tree and comparative sequence analysis revealed that both viruses are new BPV types in the genus Xipapillomavirus. They have been designated BPV-9 and BPV-10.
(Research Team for Environmental/Enzootic Diseases, Hokkaido Research Station, TEL +81-29-838-7708)


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