National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH)

Topics in Animal Health Research 2009

18. Effects of iron dextran on anemia in bovine theileriosis


 We evaluated the effects of iron dextran treatment on anemia developed in theileriosis in calves experimentally infected with Theileria sergenti. Infected animals were intramuscularly injected with 1g of iron per day for 10 days, at the point when packed cell volumes became less than 25%. The treatment with iron dextran for 10 days during the developing stage of anemia was effective to suppress the reduction of erythrocytes at the peak stage of anemia, and to improve the recovery of packed cell volumes and hemoglobin concentrations in the convalescent stage of anemia caused by T. sergenti infection. The serum iron concentrations increased in a bi-phasic pattern after initiation of treatment, with no indication of any oxidation of blood due to the injected iron molecules.
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Nakamura, Y. et al. (2010) Bull. Natl. Anim. Health. 116:1-10.