Research Center of Genetic Resources, NARO

Genebank Project

About the Genebank Project

The Genebank Project was established to coordinate the management of genetic resources through close collaborations within a network of research centers and institutes throughout Japan. The NARO Research Center of Genetic Resources (NGRC) in Tsukuba serve as the center bank in-charge of coordinating the activities of designated sub-banks for plant, microorganism, animal, and DNA resources.

Genebank Project Network


Genebank Project Management

The Genebank Project is managed by curators for plants, microorganisms, animals, and DNA resources in the center bank and sub-banks. The breeders in sub-banks for plant genetic resources used for agriculture and food production to facilitate efficient use and distribution of breeding materials to potential users. A Liaison & Consultation Committee meeting is held every year to discuss and evaluate various activities associated with the project.