Research Center of Genetic Resources, NARO


Makoto SUGIURA, Director

I was appointed as the Director of Research Center of Genetic Resources, NARO (NGRC) in April 2023. I have been engaged in research on breeding and cultivation of resource crops and horticulture of vegetables, and have also been involved in works related to genetic resources of cereals and other crops.

NARO conducts the Genebank Project to explore, collect, conserve, and distribute genetic resources related to agriculture and food industry, and currently stores a total of 275,000 genetic resources of plants, animals, and microorganisms. In addition to the operations of the Genebank Project, NGRC is working for development of genetic resources useful and easy to use for users, such as accumulation of characteristics data and analysis of genomic information of conserved genetic resources, as well as construction of “Core Collections” which are sets of selected resources with various and typical characteristics, aiming to make the genetic resources broadly available to the public. We are also vigorously conducting research to ensure the preservation of genetic resources for the future, including the development of long-term preservation technologies. In addition, the center distributes more than 13,000 genetic resources annually as research and educational materials to universities, research institutes, and private companies, and in 2022, we revived an indigenous variety “Banshu Shiro Mizuna”, to effectively utilize the genetic resources preserved in the Genebank.

The Center will continue to promote activities related to genetic resources in cooperation with internal and external research institutions to support various activities related to agriculture and the food industry.

Research Center of Genetic Resources, NARO
SUGIURA Makoto, Director