National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH)

Topics in Animal Health Research 1994

01. The preparation of synthetic peptide antiserum for immunochemical diagnosis of prion diseases
02. A young chick model for the infection with "Attaching and effacing Escherichia coli (AEEC)"
03. Establishment of two different MHC-homozygous lines in the Japanese quail
04. Pathological diagnosis of goose parvovirus infection in muscovy duckling
05. The detect of freshness of eggs by fluorescence photography
06. Artificial control of cleavage site of signal sequence and its application for protein engineering
07. Induction of fertile estrus by administration of low dose gonadotropins in prepuberal gilts
08. Complement fixation test for antibody to malignant catarrhal fever virus
09. Trasnsmission of sheep scrapie to mice and detection of prion protein with immunohistochemical method
10. Effects of thiamine treatment on sheep models of cerebrocortical necrosis
11. Characteristics of a hybrid line between a low pathogenic precocious line and a drug resistant field isolate of chicken coccidum (Eimeria tenella)
12. Transposon mutagenesis as a tool to study virulence factors of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae
13. Trial of Foot-and-Mouth disease diagnosis using chemically synthesized 3D peptides
14. Comparison of Akabane virus isolates
15. Cloning of cDNAs encoding two normal isoforms of bovine stem cell factor
16. In vitro development and expression of hea shock protein in Strongyloides venezuelensis
17. Semiquantitation of bovine multiple cytokine mRNA by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction
18. Evaluation by ELISA of fatty liver-associated serum proteins in cows
19. Characteristics of liver lesions in cattle administrated with endogenous endotoxin from the rumen
20. Establishment of a macrophage cell line derived from a fetal bovine thymus
21. Coding assignment and expression of equine arteritis virus structure protein genes
22. Detection of African horsesickness virus by the RT-PCR method
23. Effects of a fusarium mycotoxin on mouse lymphoid tissues
24. An economic evaluation of the tick-eradication program in Kuroshima island, Okinawa, Japan